How It Works

XX and XY - What's the difference?

Our DNA holds all the information about what we are; everything from what color our eyes are to how hairy our toes are. We all share some similarities within our DNA which makes us all humans, but the main differentiation between the biological sexes are the XX and XY chromosomes. A baby with the XX chromosome pairs will develop into a biological female baby as their two X chromosomes provide the cells of the body with all the information needed to create a baby girl. For a baby with an XY chromosome pair, the Y chromosome provides the cells of the body the information needed to develop a biogical baby boy. All boys receive one X chromosome copies from their mothers while the Y chromosome is provided by the father. For baby girls, they receive one X chromosome from each parent (one from the father and one of the two from the mother).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EarlyReveal Test Safe?

Yes! The test only requires a small quantity of blood through a finger prick. To ensure safety and prevent infection of any kind, we include alcohol wipes to be used before and after the test is administered.

How do you detect the baby's gender?

Our lab tests are all backed by science! We have all our resources available in the resource section of the website. In short, our lab tests target and detect the Y chromosome, which would be present in the mom’s blood if she’s pregnant with a boy. 

If the Y chromosome isn’t detected, that means that you’re having a girl. If it is detected, then it’s a boy! The affinity of our targets and the Y chromosome is very high, meaning that the results are very accurate.

Is this test accurate?

Our lab tests are all backed by science! We have all our resources available in the resource section of the website.

For further accuracy, it's important to ensure that there’s no contamination in the sample. You can do that by properly following all the instructions provided in your kit:

⭐️ Wash hands thoroughly before collecting the blood sample.

⭐️ Make sure that there are no men in the room during your collection process. This is to ensure that no Y chromosome finds its way into the sample other than what might be present in mom’s blood.

⭐️ Collect enough blood to reach the line on the collection tube.

The test is wrong. I want my money back.

No problem. If we're wrong, simply e-mail & send us a copy of the baby's birth certificate. Once received, we'll send you your money back, guaranteed. 

I want the result to be a surprise. Can I send the results to someone else?

Of course, we love surprises! 

Tell us where you would like the test results to be sent to instead, and we will email them accordingly. Please ensure that the e-mail is correctly written. 

Any other questions?

You can reach us by phone or email weekdays from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST). 


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