Shipping policy

Fast Processing

  • Fastest gender DNA detection service in Canada - As early as 72h after the order is shipped 
  • Shipping included, both ways.
  • Quick turnaround - You receive your results 1 business day after we receive them at our EarlyReveal Labs
  • 99% accuracy
  • Stress Free Collection - Free Video call included
  • Results Guaranteed
  • Support line available 

    Fast Processing
    Delivery to you 1-2 business day
    Return sample to Early Reveal Labs 1-2 business day
    Test result email to you Within 1 business day after it arrives at Early Reveal labs 
    Total Time As early as 72 hours after your order is shipped

    We use various shipping methods to better meet, as best as we can, the above timelines to and from your destination. Total time provided is based on delivery estimates provided by our shipping partners and are not guaranteed. 1-2 day shipping is sometimes not available to/from certain areas – in which case, we will use the next-fastest shipping service available.