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Pregnancy Gender Prediction Tests: Are they Accurate?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Or someone you know is, and of the millions of questions and thoughts going through your head right now I’d bet my house that one of them is “I wonder if it’s a boy or girl”. The great part is, that question can easily be answered at your prenatal visit somewhere around the 18-21 week mark of your pregnancy, but are you really patient enough to wait that long? The fact is, most of us aren’t, and with new technology, you don’t have to be.

There are two main ways that people attempt to determine gender at home instantly; old wives' tales, and urine tests. Let’s take a closer look at these:

At-home Urine Test

Urine vs DNA Gender Pregnancy Test stick - Early Reveal Baby Gender Blood DNA Test


At-home urine tests are fairly straightforward and almost fun with their colors. Mom pees in a cup, and using a dropper, adds a couple of drops of urine to the testing kit, or pees on a stick and waits for her results. After a few minutes, it’ll change colors! Pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Tada! A fun easy thing to do! But honestly, that’s all it might be; something fun to do. The majority of these indicate right on the box that they’re for “entertainment purposes only”, and those that don’t often have that same warning on the leaflet included inside.

These tests claim to work by testing for the presence of testosterone in mom’s urine. If it’s there, she’s having a boy, if it’s not then it’s a girl. But the problem is, as scientific as this seems, it’s actually not scientific at all. Dr. Daniel A. Potter, a reproductive endocrinologist at HRC Fertility in Newport Beach states “there are no sex hormones in urine that change color at this stage of pregnancy and prove one way or another the sex of the baby”. Dr. Potter further goes on to say that the fact that these tests are sold in retail stores legitimizes them, and they’re no more accurate or based in science than any folklore test you can do at home.

You may meet someone who did one of these tests that actually got it right, but you should take that with a grain of salt because statistically there’s a 50% chance that the test is right. Do you really want to base this information on what is essentially the equivalent of a coin flip? Inaccurate prediction tests can lead to “gender disappointment”. When a parent wants or believes they are having a baby of one gender and it turns out to be the other, they can grapple with feelings of anger, disappointment, and sadness. Accurately knowing your baby’s gender in advance can help mitigate or completely erase these anxieties. 

So what are my options if I don’t want to wait?

DNA-Based Gender test

Instead of using urine to determine gender in advance, you can use an at-home DNA-based gender prediction kit. As early as 9-weeks in, a kit is mailed to mom with instructions on how to properly collect a few drops of blood. The kit is then mailed back to us where we test the blood and provide you with your results! Easy-peasy. While it’s not as fun as a urine tests’ changing color, it is certainly more accurate. According to a review of new research, determining gender in this manner is highly effective and accurate. Why? Well, it works because it’s based on actual science.


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Let’s break it down. Genes carry DNA that makes us who we are. When a woman is pregnant, fetal DNA circulates in her blood. This is known as cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA). Women carry XX chromosomes, and men carry XY. As a result, we test the blood, the presence of a Y chromosome indicates that the fetus is male, but the lack of one indicates female.

Following the instructions, the test can take as little as 5 minutes to complete, and you get your results in just a couple of days! If you want to keep the gender a secret for a gender reveal, you can even have it sent to someone else for safekeeping. We believe in our tests so deeply that if we’re wrong, we’ll offer you a money-back guarantee. Why wait 20 weeks when you can know at 9 and get planning early? Besides, you’ve got nothing to lose…well, except for a couple of blood drops!

Not sure if this test is right for you? Use this Eligibility Calculator to determine if you are ready to use the test today!

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