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Our tests are proudly manufactured and analyzed in Canada, following the highest quality standards and delivering the fastest results to Canadian Moms. All of our tests were validated at the University of Montreal and we're the only company providing this service that holds a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada. You can trust us with your sample and with the results.

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    The test will be delivered to your doorstep and includes pre-paid, expedited shipping label to send your sample to the lab.

  • Sample Collection

    Blood collection takes less than 5 minutes and can be done at home, following the instructions that come with your kit.

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    Digital results will be available to the provided email for you to celbrate with your family & friends, in as soon as 72 hours!

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    Analyzed in Canada.

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Take the eligibility questionnaire to find out if you're ready to take our test.

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Why Choose Early Reveal?

Safe for Mommy & Baby

Our test only requires a few drops of blood. The blood collection is 100% safe for mom & baby!

As Early as 7 Weeks

You no longer need to wait 20 weeks to find out your baby's gender. With Early Reveal, you can find out as early as 7 weeks pregnant!

Fastest Results

Your results can be ready as soon as 72 hours after your order is shipped!

99% Accurate

Our technology has been tested on thousands of samples and harness the power of next-generation sequencing providing you with transparent, fast and accurate results. Our test is 99% accurate and our team includes Leading Scientists, Medical Doctors and Engineers.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our tests are 99% accurate. If we're wrong, you get your money back - guaranteed.

Simply e-mail with a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, and we will send you your money back, guaranteed.

Privacy Protected

We only look for the region of DNA that allows us to determine the gender of your baby. Once discovered, your sample is securely discarded.

Our Guarantee

We're so confident in our product, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we're wrong! We always aim to provide our customers with the most accurate results, which is why we only use products that are approved by Health Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EarlyReveal test safe?

Yes! The test only requires a small quantity of blood through a finger prick. To ensure safety and prevent infection of any kind, we include one-time use only sterile lancets, alcohol wipes to be used before and after the test is administered.

How do you detect the baby's gender?

Our lab tests are all backed by science! We have all our resources available in the resource section of the website. In short, our lab tests target and detect the Y chromosome, which would be present in the mom’s blood if she’s pregnant with a boy. 

If the Y chromosome isn’t detected, that means that you’re having a girl. If it is detected, then it’s a boy! The affinity of our targets and the Y chromosome is very high, meaning that the results are very accurate.

Is this test accurate?

Our lab tests are all backed by science! We have all our resources available in the resource section of the website.

For further accuracy, it's important to ensure that there’s no contamination in the sample. You can do that by properly following all the instructions provided in your kit:

⭐️ Wash hands thoroughly before collecting the blood sample.

⭐️ Make sure that there are no men in the room during your collection process. This is to ensure that no Y chromosome finds its way into the sample other than what might be present in mom’s blood.

⭐️ Collect enough blood to reach the line on the collection tube.

Can I do my test at a clinic?

Yes! As of August 2022 we will be in a clinic near you. Please see the clinical option tab to find a clinic near you for the collection of your sample with the help of a health care professional. 

If you do decide to collect your sample in a clinic, please purchase directly from the provider as they will handle the collection and shipping the sample back to us.

The test is wrong, I want my money back.

No problem. If we're wrong, simply e-mail & send us a copy of the baby's birth certificate. Once received, we'll send you your money back, guaranteed. 

Am I eligible to do the test?

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, please make sure:

⭐️ You are at least 7 weeks pregnant. Anything less than that might cause a false test.

⭐️ You live in Canada or the USA, as we only ship to these countries at the moment. 

Not yet 7 weeks in? Our test is good for 1 year! Buy it today and use it as soon as you are eligible. 

I want the result to be a surprise. Can I send the results to someone else?

Of course, we love surprises! 

Tell us where you would like the test results to be sent to instead, and we will email them accordingly. Please ensure that the e-mail is correctly written. 

Will you notify me when you receive my sample?

You will receive an email as soon as your sample is selected for analysis. For the reception in the lab, please take a look at the tracking information that was used to send your kit back to us and that will give you the most up to date information.

What's the science behind the test?

At the very early stages of pregnancy, the fetal blood is mixed in with maternal blood. By analyzing the blood of the mother, we can separate the maternal blood form the fetal blood and with that we can get a lot of genetic information about the baby. The information we look for specifically is presence/absence of the Y-chromosome. Knowing that males and females differ on the chromosome pairs (XY vs. XX) we target to determine the presence or absence of the Y-Chromosome. If this chromosome is detected, then we can make a conclusion that a male fetus is present but if it's absent then we can conclude that it's a female fetus. Once that information is received, we notify you of the results and you can begin to celebrate!

How are you different from other companies?

We target for regions of the Y-chromosome which was designed by our research team and our scientists. We're confident that our regions have a very high affinity to the selected portion of the target chromosome which has proven to be 99% accurate. 

We also hold a Health Canada MDEL License, the ONLY gender detection company in Canada to have this certification. All samples are analyzed in Canada in our lab in Laval, Qc and the company is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Any other questions?

You can reach us by phone or email weekdays from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST). 


Phone: 1-888-972-8763