Who we are and where the idea of EarlyReveal came from...

A Shared Vision

Two friends, both from different professional backgrounds,came together with a shared vision.

One had a background in genetics, and the other in medical devices. They had seen the ups and downs of family and friends who were expecting. And they realized that there was a gap, an unmet need that tugged at their hearts.

The Question Was Simple:

How could they empower expectant parents to connect with their unborn children in an accessible and affordable way?

With their shared dream in mind, they began to explore the possibilities, driven by the idea that technology could bring about a change. They believed in the power of early gender detection, not just as a way to know, but as a way to feel closer to the miracle of life.

What they were building was more than a company; it was a bridge between parents and their unborn children. A way for families to start their bonding journey earlier, to cherish every moment of anticipation, and to feel more connected than ever.

Our lab after being accepted in the biggest 

biotech incubator hub in Quebec

The Reason why we do what we do!
Our Testament

Today, EarlyReveal stands as a testament to their shared dream. It's about making a significant impact, serving an underserved segment of society - pregnant women, and giving them the chance to embrace the wonder of pregnancy in an entirely new way.

It's about delivering more than just genetic insights; it's about providing the world with the possibility of connection, the possibility of hope, and the possibility of celebrating life in its earliest moments.

EarlyReveal's story is a journey that started with a shared vision and a determination to change the lives of families. It's about offering a lifeline to pregnant women and, in doing so, creating a brighter, more connected world for us all.

Our Team

Made up of doctors, nurses, research scientists, lab technologists and an incredible customer support team. EarlyReveal's Team went from two friends, to a vision driven dream team all believing in the same cause; provide pregnant women with a safe place where they can get information about their body's and their baby.

If you're in Canada and would like to join our team, drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk!

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